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Web writing

» How to write web copy
Traditionally, copywriting has been defined as any kind of business writing whose goal was to market products and services to a target audience.

» Watch out! Copy mistakes are sinking your site
No matter how well you write, or even if you have a professional writer create your web site copy, you're going to have errors.

» Secrets of writing a business website homepage
Think you know how to write a business website homepage? Read this article to make sure.

» Freelance copywriters on the Internet
If you’re hunting for a good freelance copywriter and have never done it before, or if you have but find yourself needing another for the first time in a while, I don’t envy you.

» Website promotion - Where to get ideas for writing articles
Some six weeks ago, I began writing and submitting articles to free content sites in order to promote the six commercial Websites I own.

» The formulas freelance copywriters employ when creating web content
What is it exactly that copywriters DO when they produce new text for a site makeover?

» Seven headlines to energize your ads, sales letters, and web site copy
Every one of your marketing tools needs a headline. Headlines get attention, make your message easy to read, get your main selling points across, and lead your customer to a sale.

» Write your way to website success
If you have an online business, chances are you've used email for marketing. Email is a popular and effective choice, but more often than not, they send people to your website where the real selling takes place.

» Put your online text to work!
Do you struggle through a maze of Internet words, acronyms, and phrases, wondering if you'll ever learn enough to successfully operate your online business? Is your brain buzzing with thoughts of associate programs, e-commerce, conflicting statistics, just-in-time transactions, B2B, B2C, B2Whatever, and branding?

» The Internet: Homonym Heaven
Have you ever visited a visually attractive site and then spotted phrases such as, "If your interested in learning more about our Websight, e-mail us," or "This product comes with an unconditional guarantee. It's high quality will make you're life better!"? How about, "Body fat problems? We can help. Of coarse you need patients when it comes to reducing the access around you're waste."

» Bulleted lists: Capitalization and punctuation
Before the introduction of word processing (via word processors and computers), most publications displayed lists in either outline form or numbered lists.

» For email that sells, get inside your customer's head
The email message that sells best is the one that looks just like something the customer would have written.

» How to write a great email sales letter ... When you hate to write
I can sit here all day giving you tips and hints on headlines and phrases that sell. But none of it will do you any good if you just plain hate sitting down at the keyboard.

» How to craft cash-creating climactic copy
The one skill you need to learn before you write any piece of copy down. It's the most important skill that all great copywriters possess. Think of a good book or movie with a climax at the end, which is your call to action.

» 3 tips for magnetizing your copy
You have a great product, a great offer, and all the bells and whistles in your copy -- from guarantees to testimonials to P.S.'s. So why is it not pulling? Follow these 3 simple tips to boost your copy's pull power.

» How to get web copy and sales letters that pull
Web site not selling? Did your last ad fail to generate calls, emails, and customers through the door? The problem is probably with your copy--the writing that sells your ideas.

» Know money to make money
The experts are always telling us that getting paid for what you know is one of the most effective, least time-intensive ways to make a buck. Well, if you know anything about money (and you don't need to be a financial whiz), writing articles for financial websites can be a very lucrative way to get paid for what you know.

» Writing a website that sings!
If your online sales have taken a dip lately, your product or service isn't necessarily to blame.

» Prevent procrastination with "positive" pressure
Adding a sense of urgency to your copy is one of the most effective tactics to sell your offer. But there is indeed a right of doing it... If not, it can cost you. Dearly. Here's how to make your offer scarce.

» The biggest mistake copywriters make
This article discusses the most flagrant error I see in much of the copy that falls in my lap these days. Is it the fact that it uses poor English or grammar? Is it being too entertaining or long winded? No. It's...

» My eight-step formula for writing long sales copy
Writing long sales copy is grueling work for many people. But when you have a plan and a strategy, it's easier than you think. In this article, I share simple steps I use to write long copy sales letters.

» How to write compelling, carrot-wielding copy!
This article offers ideas, tips and strategies on how to make sales copy: 1) captivating (it captures the reader's attention), 2) riveting (it pulls her into reading further) and 3) engaging (it calls her to act)!

» Create headlines that pull, pursuade and propel!
Headlines are the most important part of any direct response copy, especially online. In this article, you'll learn about the two vital steps to follow for truly effective headlines, along with examples!

» Be credible to be incredible
Establishing credibility is essential to your success online, and to do so you must communicate it. See tools and tactics to communicate credibility to your visitors and increase your sales exponentially.

» The seven irrefutable laws of sizzling sales copy
Discover the seven undeniable rules of writing outstanding sales copy. Learn how to craft a message that jumps out at people and compels them to respond. Find out the secrets to putting your conversion rating through the roof, even up to a 400% increase!

» Secrets of successful headlines
A headline is the first and most important element that can help turn a site into a truly compelling, action-generating mechanism. Learn how to create headlines that communicate, cajole and compel!

» Quick copy critique cases
See several real life examples of the Success Doctor™ at work. Read brief critiques done on real clients who needed real help.

» Helpful hints for writing articles
As an "expert" (if I dare call myself that) in my field, I must keep abreast of my industry -- so should you. But the wonderful byproduct is that something I've read will stir a few ideas in my mind about something worth writing.

» Written words help walk your article
The written word is incredibly powerful and in many cases not used to its fullest advantage.

» Blend bullets and benefits to boost buyers
One of the greatest tools used by top copywriters is a little known secret that can multiply your response ratio.

» How to write and target a news release
The most profitable and often overlooked free publicity generator is the news release.

» How to use "upwords" to increase response
I once took a media communications course in which I discovered an interesting example of the way the mind works.

» How to improve your copy and increase your sales
What is it that makes the difference between a winning web site and an also ran?