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Web design

» How do you design a web site that perfectly suits search engine crawlers?
No one understands the importance of getting top search engine rankings more than online marketers.

» Preparing your site for Internet Explorer 7
Here's the scenario: one morning you open your email and your inbox is flooded with emails that your site isn't working properly.

» The most important page on your site ... your home page
After reading the title of this article your first thought might have been "My home page is more important then my ordering page?".

» Re-purposing the PDF for HTML content
Everyone knows that in order for information to be of any use to the general public, it must be capable of being rendered by any possible platform and operating system out there.

» Importance of W3 standards
When the Internet first began its boom, the technologies used in design were forgiving. W3-Compliance wasn't as necessary because there were fewer browsers, fewer users, and overall fewer technologies in use.

» Should I layout my website for all browsers?
People all across the globe don’t have same browser so one application that is running successfully on one browser might not run correctly on the other one.

» Guide to Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content management poses different meanings for different organizations, all depending on what a specific company or vendor may require.

» A guide to CMS
A Content Management System (or CMS) is a process custom designed to manage the content of a website.

» Why should one go for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
It lets you to develop the web page according to your needs and requirements and in a way that it looks attractive.

» Web site design mistakes - Database parameters in URLs
Creating a web site takes thought, planning and execution. Unfortunately, many designs are dead in the water before they are even published as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Whatever you do, avoid these critical mistakes.

» Web site design mistakes
Some wise human once said "Learn from the mistakes of others. There isn't nearly enough time to make them all yourself." Hence this article. Here are five of the most annoying and common web design mistakes.

» Web marketing: Design mistakes that drive customers away in droves
They may look cutting edge, but if you want a web site that contributes to your bottom line here are some design ideas you will want to avoid ...

» Content management
More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of content management when it comes to their websites.

» How web designers sell themselves
Are you one of those Web designers who design quite well, but don't have time to work on your own site? Savvy Web surfers looking for designers expect a great deal from a site offering Web development/design.

» Failing as a web designer? Specialize!
Did you struggle to create your own business Web site, deciding along the way to become a Web designer? Or did you plan on becoming a Webmaster from Day One? Are things working out as you'd hoped? If not, read on.

» Download text (and other) files from your website
Have you ever wanted to know how to let your visitors download a text file from your Web site? If you have Windows, we can give it a try.

» Creating effective web sites for AOL users
Did you know that well over half of all people using the Internet access it through America Online?

» What to avoid to make your website design effective
The most effective design is the one that is the simplest possible and that meets your users’ needs, because the needs and expectations of the visitors to your website are your main concern.

» Favicon.ico file guide
Favicon.ico is the name of the icon Internet Explorer 5+ uses in the address bar when someone's viewing their favorites.

» Custom error pages
Link Rot is everywhere on the Internet. Link rot is the name often used to refer to broken links on the web, by broken I do of course mean links that don't work.

» .htaccess file guide
Using the .htacces file for custom error pages is however only the tip of the iceberg, the file can be used in a lot more ways but before we go into the nitty gritty of what can be done with it lets first explain what it is and where it is found.

» Banner design tips
Banner advertising is by far the most popular and widespread form of advertising on the Internet, almost every website has some form of banner advertising on it.

» Webdesign do's
This article concentrates on the things you should do when designing a website to add to the experience of the visitor and make your site easier for him or her to use.

» Webdesign don'ts
Your website is the life and soul of your Internet presence, if your website appears and acts unprofessional your company will seem unprofessional and people won't feel confident buying from you.

» Music to my marketing ears
Learn how to create an effective website in three simple steps — including tips, hints and secrets that I use for creating successful websites, such as a website for a band of which I am a member!

» Effective small business web sites on a budget
As more and more of the world's business starts taking place online, we're left to wonder how our own web pages will stand up and out among the jumble of everybody else's.

» Consistency breeds consistency
Surprisingly, the most important part of good website design has really nothing to do with what most people think.

» Web site planning can be a sticky situation
There is no question that ecommerce is growing rapidly. From totally web-based to "clicks-and-mortar" companies (i.e., offline businesses with an online presence), everybody seems to be jumping onto the Internet bandwagon.

» Design your online success
Website design has always been a fascinating area for me -- not entirely in the realm of graphics but also of flow, navigation, appearance, and content.

» Spice up your site with free graphics
Need a new logo or some flashy headings to make your site look competitive?

» 10 tips for better web sites
What are the secrets of the super sites? Why do some sites suceed while the majority of others fail?

» Is your website working for you?
Tips that will improve your websites ease of use, increasing customer interaction and satisfaction.