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Why should one go for autoresponders

By Jakob Jelling

Autoresponders are programs which get automatically executed in particular situations. Mobile and e-mails are opt example for these. You must have frequently come across messages like “your request has been processed” or “your email has been sent”. These are sent by autoresponders. The use of autoresponders has seen a rapid growth in last few years due to the increased use of internet and mobile technologies. The use of autoresponders has proved to be a very powerful marketing tool.

There are situations when people want rapid feedback for their e-mails. But it is not possible for the user to scan each and every mail and figure out which are important and needs immediate reply. This also requires you to hire people who can constantly monitor all the incoming mail and find out which are relevant and which are not. This task not only requires money but is virtually impossible. So how to deal with these type of situations? Autoresponders came to rescue in these situations only. They immediately reply all incoming mails. The best thing is that these are inexpensive and hence can be easily afforded.

Autoresponders can be used for variety of purposes. They can be used for conducting online polls. These polls can give you very valuable information about your customers and hence can really improve your business. They can be used for sending e-mails telling the user the benefit of owing your product. The main thing in this respect is that you should make the content very precise and to the point. It should be relevant to the customer for getting the best result.

Autoresponders can also be used in situations where same query is asked by various users. Instead of answering each and every person, you have to just feed in the answer once in the autoresponder and send it to all the persons having the problem. Sometime you also want to offer special bonuses to your site visitors. This task can be easily managed by autoresponders.

Autoresponders can be programs that are run with your email programs or they can also be scripts that run on your web hosting company’s server. The scripts contain a standard message which is delivered to any person who hits your site. Autoresponders work is not limited to only sending a message but they can also be used for sending series of messages one after the other at a predetermined interval of time.

These days many web hosting companies offers you autoresponders for free or on very nominal charges. You can also use your signature with the messages. These signatures can play a very key role in a sense that they always remind the customer about the identity of your company. Signatures shouldn’t be too large. So all in all it can be said that autoresponders are a very effective marketing tool as it lets you make customer even before actually selling them your products.