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How to sell traffic

By Jakob Jelling

Selling the traffic arriving at your site is a good method to increase profits from your portal. This traffic can be in the form of pop ups or redirects or 404s or it can be in the form of links or banners which are put up under ‘Recommended sites’ tab on your website. When the visitors click the link, they are directly redirected to the client website in the form of direct redirection or ActiveX codes & you get a suitable amount of earning per redirection.

There are many websites available which give you the two way service - either buying traffic or selling it. These are also called banner exchange programs. Links are sold at a flat rate per month. You can add links in your site directory for a particular rate per month. Hence your rate multiplied by the amount of directories present in your site calculates your monthly income. Links can also be saved in your directory and can be sold for your rate per click. Homepages too can be sold for your rate per click. However, only live links should be put up for sale, not just false counters or links to other sites.

Also, only subscribers who are genuinely interested in your site/ product should be redirected to the clients, so that they can come back to you again for repeat business. Only that traffic should be sold which matches the site of the client. This creates a long-lasting relation with your client & hence a stable source of income for you. You can also take assistance from affiliate programs which provide you help on every step. You can build your own database & can start providing them your newsletters & notifications so that they are well aware of the updates & also can build up partnerships with you, since they too are webmasters.

You should always have happy customers since they are always ready for a second business with you. So long as you balance the buyer and seller satisfaction, your business will never let you down.

The safest way to collect your earnings is through well known services like PayPal. They provide you the option of directly deducting your share from your customer’s account. You can even create your own shopping cart & become the merchant for long-term business plans.

The basic advantage of selling traffic is that you don’t have to wait till the client makes a deal from the visitor you forwarded. As soon as the visitor is redirected, you earn money because that’s what you have promised the client – subscribers. You can also establish the pay per click type business, which is even easier since one click earns you money.