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Domain names

» Domain name terms
This will be a list of domain name terms that are commonly used in the industry.

» How to find the proper domain name
A domain name is very important as most of your business is derived through the impression projected through the domain name.

» ICANN - Do they really control the Internet?
ICANN has the responsibility of regulating TLD (or Top –Level Domain) name systems.

» The Name Game - Pick the right domain name
Your presence on the World Wide Web is acknowledged only through your domain name.

» Using longer domain names
Your domain name (yourname.com) can now be 67 characters long.

» What you did wrong with your domain name(s)!
Trying to improve search engine rankings is just like a rubics cube. A puzzle that can keep you occupied for hours.

» Your domain name
Your domain name is imperative to the success of your website, if anyone tells you otherwise they're either lying or don't know what they're talking about.

» Gain fame playing the domain name game
Make your domain name stick in the mind more effectively! Uncover the five essential elements of a magnetic domain name in order to improve your visibility, boost your traffic and increase your credibility!

» New longer domain names
Your domain name (yourname.com) can now be 67 characters long.

» People actually register these domains?
A new fly in the ointment for marketers and brand managers who want to establish a Web presence: Not only are the good domain names already taken, the bad and the ugly ones have been snatched up too.

» The domain name game
The Widgets Corporation decides to start a Web site and naturally wants to name it Widgets.Com.

» New domains renew naming debate
What about .cc, .nu, .md, or any of the almost 250 other country-code top-level domains that have hit the Internet?

» Moving on up to your own domain
Perhaps you thought you'd just start small and didn't really need your own domain name.